Blue Pigments

Blue concrete pigments are Clarke Colors specialty. With over 20 years of specifically working with many Blue pigments in concrete, we are the leader in Blue concrete formulations.
Adjustment Pigments

Main Pigments

Unlike Synthetic Iron Oxides that are designed primarily for paint, especially in 4 color Red, Red, Yellow Black systems, each Macro core pigment is engineered and designed to be able to be used alone in concrete and cement.

Part B Micro Color Pigments

Part B Micro Color pigments must be treated and added to the mixer at a different point than regular pigments because pigment particle stacking (PPS) must be avoided. Just like sand, pigment can have many different gradations.
Tinting Pigments

Custom Pigments

A number of very specialized pigments can create unique niche concrete and cement colors when required.
Specialty Performance Additives

NCS Colour Chart

We use the NCS Colour System as our color reference tool and communication tool to target colors. Color fans containing 1950 colors are available for purchase.

Black and Brown Shading Pigments

Black pigment for cement and concrete is an important primary color but significantly misunderstood. Carbon Black and Black Iron Oxide are very different and it's important to understand the distinction before choosing one.

White Tinting Pigments

White and the family of off white concrete and cement shades is an important color category. White Portland cement does not make white concrete. The ability to create a wide range of different shades of white allows for greater creativity.