Custom Pigments

Did you know the human eye can detect over 10 million different colors? With that in mind, a number of very specialized pigments can create unique niche concrete and cement colors. All of these pigments meet the ASTM C979 UV Specification.



WINE: An extreme Blue Shade Micronized Red iron Oxide. To produce Burgundy, Maroon and Fuchsia shades, WINE should be used as a base at a high loading of 7.0%. Then add Part B MicroBlue, MicroGreen, MicroMagenta or MicroBlack at 0.2-0.5% to the high Wine loading.


Green 334

GREEN 334: A unique pigment to use primarily in White Cement to produce colors such as Granny Smith Apple, Absinthe, French Lime, Kelly, Malachite, and Mist.

YELLOW 11Q221: Only white cement should be used with this pigment. Use this yellow as a base at 7.0% loading. Then add very very small amounts, less than 0.10% of other pigments to make shades such as Banana, Canary, Chartreuse, Daffodil and Dandelion.

YELLOW 523: A unique and very economical Ochre, made in America. Subtle Buffs, Creams and Offwhites when used in White Cement at loadings below 1.0%. Due to an extremely attractive base price, this Buff Yellow Oxide can also be used in Grey at medium to high loadings.

YELLOW 225: A Part B Yellow pigment that is bright yellow but with a red undertone. Specific shades of Lemon Yellow can be achieved when blended with 11Q221 and Yellow Iron Oxide. Must be Admixture Certified to use this pigment.

RM BROWN: A unique and very economical Raw Umber, made in America. At straight very high loadings Acorn and Nutmeg shades. Use from 0.10-12.0% as a MAX loading.

PART B MICRO BLUE GS: A Part B Blue pigment that is positioned in a more extreme Green shade Blue color space. Very specific shades of Blue concrete can be achieved with this pigment when combined with Cobalt Blue 11L636, Teal 535, Cobalt Aqua 11L848 and Spruce.

COBALT AQUA 11L848: A Cobalt Blue pigment with a distinct Green undertone that produces Caribbean water shades of Blue. Loadings from 0.01 - 7.0%.