Main Pigments

Concrete and Cement are not paint. Synthetic Iron Oxides are designed primarily for paint, especially using four color Red, Red, Yellow, Black systems. Each Clarke Main pigment is engineered and designed to be used alone to produce more natural looking concrete and cement based products. When blending two, three or four Main Pigments together, a far wider range of designer friendly colors can be created.

All Main pigments are UV Stable for exterior use and easily meet the ASTM C979 specification.

Cobalt Purple

Cobalt Purple - Use alone at low, medium and high loadings, 0.01-7.0%

PURPLE: Purple earth tone shades of concrete. Ask not why, but why not? A completely UV stable exterior grade Purple prime pigment. Design options are endless including Lilac, Lavender, Orchid, Plum, Periwinkle. Can also be blended with Titanium Snow Pigment for more unique and brighter Purple Orchid type shades.
Try SNOW at 6.0% loading + PURPLE at 0.5% in White. Can also be blended with Micro Blue and Micro Magenta. Use alone at low, medium and high loadings, 0.01-7.0%.


Golden - Loadings can range from 0.01-7.0%

GOLDEN: Synthetic Yellow Iron Oxide is rarely used alone in concrete. Golden is a true primary Buff pigment which can be used alone to create Limestone and more natural Sandstone shades. It's a very useful pigment to create Vanilla and Cream shades with a single pigment at low loadings in White Cement. Can also be shifted with small amounts of other Main pigments to create Straw, Sand, Biscuit, Tans and Beige.
Loadings can range from 0.01-7.0%.


Brick - Loadings from 0.01-6.0%

BRICK RED: The world's best Red Iron Oxide. A true yellow shade high strength Red can be used alone or blended to make Clay Reds. Due to a very high tinting strength, small amounts can be used in formulas. Colors include a True Chocolate Brown vs. using 110 type Reds to make Brown which can have an undesirable Blue undertone. Also can be used as the base for Stop Sign and Fire Engine Red when blended with Part B Micro Red. Loadings from 0.01-6.0%.


Cobalt Bluestone 11L747 - Loadings from 0.01-7.0%

COBALT BLUESTONE 11L747: A designer, more economical Cobalt Blue pigment that does not need to be blended with other pigments to produce shades of BlueStone. As a base Blue pigment, extremely versatile when formulating with many other pigments including Brown, Purple, Spruce and Teal. Loadings from 0.01-7.0%.


Spruce - Loadings from 0.01-7.0%

SPRUCE: A very attractive shade of Green pigment.Unlike most Chromium Greens which can look unnatural, Spruce can be used alone in both white and grey. Then can be shifted into a variety of unique Leaf, Moss, Sage, Willow, and Army green colors by blending with small amounts of Cinder, BlueStone, Brown, Golden, Aqua and even Purple. Loadings from 0.01-7.0%.


Tan - Loadings from 0.01-7.0%

TAN: No need to worry about shifting Yellow oxide with a small amount of Red Oxide which has the potential to create color variations, a common occurrence around the country. TAN is an engineered prime oxide that can be used alone and will disperse in a linear direction from low to high loadings. Very important. Can be shaded with Golden and Brick to move into Salmon and Peach shades. Other secondary colors can be created by blending with BlueStone and Brown. Loadings from 0.01-7.0%.


Beige - Loadings from 0.01-7.0%

BEIGE: A very nice shade of Brown Oxide. From very low to high loadings in both Grey and White Cement. Occupies a unique color space in the brown family making this a very useful Core pigment. Shifting with small amounts of any of the other Main Core pigments in a formula produces a wide range of Earth Tone Browns.
Loadings from 0.01-7.0%.


Brown - Loadings from 0.01-7.0%

BROWN: A unique brown oxide that is attractive alone, but more importantly can be used to shade most of the other Main Core Pigments. Using Black Oxide to shade does not create the more subtle natural tones that BROWN can achieve. Examples of shading Brick, Spruce, BlueStone and Purple can be viewed below. Loadings from 0.01-7.0%.


Teal - Loadings from 0.01-7.0%

TEAL 535: AquaMarine, Caribbean and yes, Teal shades are now a reality with this unique beautiful prime Blue Pigment. Use alone from low to high loadings in White and grey. Shading Teal with Brown, Spruce and Part B Micro Blue GS shifts the color in desirable Earth Blue shades. Loadings from 0.01-7.0%.


Teal Shift with Brown

TEAL Shifted with BROWN