White Tinting Pigments

White and the family of off-white concrete and cement shades is an important color category. White Portland cement does not make white concrete. Often the influence of the sand and aggregate fines shift the color into a yellow under-toned white. The ability to create a wide range of different shades of white allows for greater creativity.

SNOW - a white Titanium Dioxide to use at loading levels of 1.0-7.40%. This will offset the yellow undertone of the typical yellow under-toned White Portland. Then the true art comes into play by adding small amounts of other prime colors to go in various designer color directions. Adding between 0.10-0.40% of any of the other Clarke pigments. The key element in formulating is to use both SNOW and small amounts of pigment to create brighter Off White shades.

This picture shows White Portland Cement with no pigment (center) vs. SNOW at 6.0% (top at twelve o'clock) plus a variety of pigments at 0.30%. Please note that computer, phone and tablet monitors minimize the whiter white at the top. Adding small amounts of several Blue pigments to high Snow loadings can create True Whites.
Formulas available.