Custom Packaging

Clarke Colors is the largest supplier of affordable Blue pigment to the concrete and cement industry. This allows us to supply all of our Blue pigments in a variety of sizes, from 5 LB Pails up to 250 LB Drums. Our unique Iron Oxide pigments are packaged in a variety of containers; Bags, Pails, Drums and Bulk bags. Specialty Macro and Custom pigments can also be packaged in a variety of sizes.

Many colors are complex and require multiple pigments to achieve a certain color. Think of a paint store and the "squirts" that are added to the paint can to make a certain color. Provided a target color is chosen from NCS, a paint chip, paint, paper, rock, or other, Clarke Colors can produce the packaged pigment in a container to make that color. From one batch of concrete to 5000+ batches. Many satisfied customers regularly use this service with quick turnaround times.