On-Demand Custom Pigments

Clarke Colors offers 28 primary pigments that can be used alone or combined two, three or four at a time to produce an infinite combination of concrete and cement colors. Your target color determines which pigments are required to produce the cement or concrete color.

Fan1FinalThe NCS Colour system is our primary data base used to target color. NCS Colour fans are available for purchase by emailing Murray Clarke. Colors from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Valspar, and C2 can all be matched to various batch sizes. Please remember that concrete is not like paint. Many variables beyond pigment can affect the final color of the concrete.

With over 25 years of concrete color formulating experience, Murray Clarke believes that exact custom color matching is indeed a difficult task. Because the color spectrum is vast with all of the Clarke primary pigments, the preferred method is to define the color target. This determines which pigments are required. If a combination of one or two pigments will produce cement and concrete close to the target color, this will be our recommendation vs. using five or six pigments. However, the degree of color matching and the specifications will determine the process used.

Our packaging capabilities range from a single custom pigment batch to color 5 lbs. of White Portland Cement to over 1,000 batches. Weights can range from 10 grams to 100 LBS of pigment per batch. If a single pigment will produce the color within tolerance, the single pigment will be recommended and shipped.

Any custom pigment package order can be filled with color reference target and number of batches.