blue pigments


Blue concrete and cement pigments are Clarke Colors specialty.
ncs color fan

NCS Colour Chart

Color reference tool containing 1950 colors.


Our services are second to none. On demand custom pigments - color solutions for any project.

What we offer

On Demand Custom Pigments

Custom blended colors are now a reality! Clarke Colors offers 28 primary concrete pigments that can be custom blended for an infinite combination of formulas. Your target color determines which pigments are required to produce the cement or concrete color.

Custom Packaging

Clarke Colors is the largest supplier of affordable Blue pigment to the concrete and cement industry. This allows us to supply all of our Blue pigments in a variety of sizes, from one pound containers up to 250 pound Drums.

Custom Colored Concrete

Clarke uses over 28 prime pigments to create Custom Colored Concrete and cement. Whether matching a leaf, a paint chip or a vein in a piece of natural stone, Clarke can make the pigment to match as close as possible in concrete and cement.