Blue Pigments

Blue concrete and cement pigments are Clarke Colors specialty. With over 20 years of specifically working with many Blue pigments in concrete, we are the leader in Blue concrete formulations. These six pigments offer an unparalleled variety of shades. All ASTM C979 approved for UV exposure.


Cobalt Blue 11L636

Most of these Blue pigments are packaged in various sizes, the most popular being 5lb and 25lb pails. 110lb and 250lb drums are also available for larger volumes.

COBALT BLUE 11L636: The most popular Blue pigment because it can be used so many ways.
Loadings from 0.01 -7.0%. Can also be blended and shifted with BROWN, SPRUCE, TEAL, PURPLE, BLACK and Micro Blue, Green, Red and Magenta.


Cobalt Blue 11L747

COBALT BLUE 11L747: A true BlueStone pigment which can be used alone at loadings from 0.01 - 7.0% in both Grey and White. Shade and shift with BROWN Oxide at various ratios from 90/10 to 50/50 as you can see below. SPRUCE is a also another pigment used to shift into various more complex BlueStone shades.


Cobalt Teal 535

COBALT TEAL 535: A unique shade of Teal Cobalt Blue which can be used alone from 0.01-7.0%. Can also shift with Micro Blue GS for more extreme and chromatic Aqua shades.

COBALT AQUA 11L848: A Cobalt Blue pigment with a distinct Green undertone that produces Caribbean water shades of Blue. Loadings from 0.01 - 7.0%.


Micro Blue RS Part B

MICRO BLUE RS/GS Part B: When a 7.0% loading is not Blue enough, these high performance, non-Phthalocyanine Blue, automotive grade pigments can help shift the Cobalt Blues into deeper, more chromatic shades. Loadings can range from 0.01-1.0% and must be added to the mixer as a Part B component. Sold by the Gram. Must be added to the mixer as a Part B type pigment using specific mix designs. Please view the Part B Micro Color Pigments and Specialty Concrete Admixture page for more details.