Murray Clarke has been in the pigment industry since 1981. Manufactured Iron Oxide pigments at Northern Pigment in Toronto, Canada. Involved in all aspects of pigment production including seed reaction tanks, drying, grinding, QC and packaging.

Sold pigment to all industries including concrete and cement, paint, plastic, rubber, textile and ceramic, as well as to other pigment companies including Solomon and Bayer (now Lanxess). Regional manager for Western Canada and Southeastern U.S. when Northern acquired by Pfizer/Harcros which later became Elementis and then Rockwood/Huntsman.

In 1996, appointed Southeast Regional Manager for N.J. based R&M Chemical Technologies, a specialty concrete admixture company. Involved in admixture chemistry to improve long term pigment performance in concrete. R&M acquired by Master Builders/BASF in 2001 due to Patent 5922124.

Founded B&J Colorants and the brand BlueConcrete in 2002 focusing on a wider range of performance concrete colors and an expanded range of pigments, primarily Blue, for use in concrete. Over 2000 colors created using Benjamin Moore as a color data base. A network of over 1,000 customers became the foundation of B&J, with the majority in the concrete countertop industry, in every state, Canada, Caribbean and Australia.

B&J Colorants merged with Delta Performance Products in 2008 and growth continued in the pool, paving stone and countertop industries, with Precast and cement flooring as other segments. 100% of company sold to Delta in 2011. Formed Clarke Colors LLC in 2011. Clarke has worked closely with most of the world's largest pigment producers.

Clarke Colors has become the leading Cobalt Blue pigment supplier to the concrete and cement markets and continues to help customers expand the range of cement based colors. Specialty dry admixture chemistry allows for better performing pigment particles with the Part A/Part B pigment system.

Expanded pigment and admixture packaging put in place in 2013 to service all custom packaging requirements from single containers to four figure runs of custom packaging requirements.

The goal at Clarke Colors continues to be putting the tools in place to help customers expand the range of color in concrete and cement based products. Murray Clarke now has over 34 years of direct pigment experience. The journey continues.

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